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Welcome to Troutman's photography tutorials, known as Digital 101...

New topics are covered on a regular basis and you can ask questions and discuss each topic on an accompanying Thread on the Nikon Talk Forum at DPReview.

Special thanks to Troutman for writing these tutorials and making them available to all of us...

"Digital 101 is designed to accomplish one thing and one thing only. Improve the image quality of anyone who is interested in better pictures.

It is open anyone and should be a learning experience and not a place for critics as I want anyone to be comfortable coming here for advice.

I run a photo lab and look at thousands of could have been images every week. Yet the same folks look at my images and say I could never do that.

Not true, you don't learn to be a doctor overnight and the same is true with photos, knowing basic fundamentals and a lot of practice creates good images.

I had a mother come in today and left with tears in her eyes as her photos of her sons graduation did not turn out as she didn't understand how a flash works and all she got the the reflection of the guys bald head in front of her. If I can do nothing more then help some other person avoid such disappointment then I will be happy.

I plan on posting a subject every week that we can discuss, post example photos, and by the end of the week give as many folks possible basic info on how to improve their technique. If you submit a photo post please explain how you achieved the image and why.

So lets get started. Some of this stuff may be basic for some and a revelation for others. All ideas appreciated."


Use the navigation bar on the left, or the links below to go to the different topics covered in Digital 101...

Depth of Field




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