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You're a photographer if...

This is a copy of Member's quotes from replies to a thread started on the Friday, May 24th '02, by Jarrell Conley on the Nikon Talk Forum.
   Follow this link for the original thread, Click Here.

We placed these quotes here for an easy to find future reference, so that after the original post has disappeared into the past you can still easily read them.


On going out to dinner with friends they ask where your camera is if it's not in your hand.
Posted by: Jarrell Conley Original post


When you spot a weird street person, you wonder if he would sign a model release or just stab you in the gut.
Posted by: Drew Original post


You have countless photos of all of your friends and family, but not ONE decent photo of yourself.
Posted by: Lynn Healy Original post


You hand your crying girlfriend a sheet of lens tissue.
Posted by: John McSwain Original post


Someone asks you to take a picture of them with their P&S compact camera and you keep trying to reach for the focus ring while looking through the viewfinder.
Posted by: Jason S Tay Original post


When you're invited to a party, you never think of what to wear...only what camera to bring.
Posted by: Cathy Original post


You buy Playboy to get posing ideas and try to figure out the lighting technique.
Posted by: mark knopp Original post


A variation on Mark's point:

While leafing through magazines, you're looking at the lighting, poses and props than reading the articles.

Posted by: Jason S Tay Original post


After the wreck you check the equipment, then the passengers.
Posted by: John McSwain Original post


...If you don't ask yourself this question.
Posted by: Hariette Original post






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